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Christopher Evans, Evansword LLC

Christopher Evans, Evansword LLC

I was raised in the suburbs of New York City, and I have many fond memories of those years. But, like most of my friends, I got itchy feet as high school drew to a close. I looked forward to getting away from home. Fortunately, the University of Vermont accepted me into their undergraduate program. It didn’t hurt that I was a skier, and Vermont was a serious skiing destination!


It was at UVM that I discovered writing. I enrolled in many writing courses on my way to a BA in English, and I enjoyed them all. 

I tend to be a bit shy, and found writing to be a comfortable outlet for my over-active brain. After too many years I realized that it could earn me an income as well. What a revelation!

After graduation I stayed in Vermont for a number of years, experimenting with a variety of jobs. Most of them revolved around furniture building, woodworking, and finish carpentry. I still have a smashed thumbnail to show for it. 

The young lady I was dating decided that it was time to leave Vermont. She headed to Colorado to stay with relatives. I too was a bit jaded by the long, cold winters and lack of sunshine. I decided to follow her. It didn’t hurt that I was still a skier, and Colorado was an even better skiing destination!

That young lady soon became my wife, and not long after I became the owner of a profitable home remodeling business, and the proud parent of 2 wonderful children. We built our own home in the small town of Larkspur, and still live here.

But I have not cured the itchy feet! When I am not behind the keyboard letting my imagination run wild, I’m usually starting new projects or re-visiting old hobbies and passions. 

For many years I was a home brewer, and the industry still excites me. I’m an investor in a local brewery, and it is exciting to watch it grow and expand over the years.

I'm also an experienced real estate investor. One of my properties is a condo in Mexico, and Debbie and I love to travel there. 

My father was a ham radio enthusiast, and I inherited his excitement of the hobby. I have my Technician’s license and am studying for my General. 

I am a currency trader, a cryptocurrency fan, and an avid reader. Fiction, non-fiction, technical manuals— I enjoy them all! 

And most of all, I love writing. It gives me great pleasure to know that my words can help other people. Contact me today and let’s get to know one another. Maybe I can help you too.